Cylindrical cycled grinder - RC250


This machine has been specially designed for outside and inside grinding of small parts of various shapes in medium batch production needing a quality surface finish, and excellent dimensional and shape precision. Manually controlled, with a slow forward speed for the longitudinal movement, its easy handling and ergonomy make this grinder pleasant for daily use. All working surfaces are finely scraped to ensure a high motion precision and lubrication of the slideways is ensured by an automatic central lubricating device. Its complete basic equipment offers a large flexibility.

- Distance between centres: 250 mm
- Longitudinal travel: 200 mm
- Height of centres: 100 mm

Grinding wheel headstock:

- Wheel standard dimensions: Ø200 x 16 x 32 mm
- Motor power: 1.1 kW

Work-holding headstock:

- Speed motor: variable de 100 à 1000 tr/min
- Motor power: 0.22 kW

Net weight:

- Machine without accessories: 575 kg