Cylindrical cycled grinder - RUH300REC


RUH 300REC CYLINDRICAL GRINDING MACHINE RECONDITIONED LIKE NEW This small cylindrical grinder completely rebuilt by us, in according to the European EC standards, is suitable for grinding small pieces of various shapes with a quality surface finish and excellent dimensional and shape precision. In addition, a set of complementary equipment offers the possibility of conversion in universal grinder.
. Cast iron structure stabilized.
. Guiding movements by rollers rails
. Longitudinal and transversal displacements manual or hydraulic.
. Transversal with descent automatic
. Security between manual and automatic movements.
. Grinding wheel Headstock swiveling
. Work-holding Headstock swiveling .
. Rotation of table
. Work-holding headstock with variable speed

- Distance between centres: 350 mm
- Longitudinal travel: 350 mm
- Height of centres: 130 mm

Grinding wheel headstock:

- Wheel standard dimensions: Ø254 x 76.2 x 25 mm
- Motor power: 2.2 kW

Work-holding headstock:

- Speed motor: variable de 100 à 1000 T/ min
- Motor power: 1.9 NM

Net weight:

- Machine without accessories: 1400 kg