Cylindrical cycled grinder - RC600CNC


To realize more complex contours for both external grinding operations, this CNC machine allows linear and circular synchronization between longitudinal and transversal axes. A man-machine interface, composed of a control panel PC with a flat color tactile screen and an industrial compact keyboard, offers ease of use and precise control. Pre-defined cycling within geometric configurations are also included in the basic CNC. Each operation can be carried out automatically as well as manually with one electronic control for X and Z axes with variable magnifier from 0.001 to 0.1mm

- Distance between centres: 600 mm
- Longitudinal travel: 600 mm
- Height of centres: 140 mm

Grinding wheel headstock:

- Wheel standard dimensions: 400 x 50 x 127 mm
- Motor power: 7.5 kw

Work-holding headstock:

- Speed motor: maxi 600 t/ mn
- Motor power: 14.4 NM

Net weight:

- Machine without accessories: 5000 KG