Surface grinding - P300


This machine, with three versions, is ideal for small batch machining with high quality requirements. Main pieces made from quality stabilized cast iron and rigid grinding wheel spindle give to this surface grinder a high precision over time. Numerous technical solutions give a softness of use and the possibility to get a top range machine tool.
Model PM300
• Manual longitudinal, transverse and vertical movements.
• Tranverse movement control screw with an automatic device to take-up play.
Model PLH300 as PM300 with the following additions :
• Automatic variable speed longitudinal movement that can be continuously adjusted with just a lever.
• Safety between manual and automatic movements.
Model PLTH300 as PLH300 with the following additions :
• Automatic transverse movement by motor with a variable speed.

- Longitudinal travel: 340 mm
- Transversal travel: 160 mm
- Vertical travel: 240 mm


- Distance between table top and spindle axis: 315 mm
- Table working area: 300 x 135 mm

Wheel holding spindle:

- Wheel standard dimensions: Ø180 à 200 x 16 x 32 mm
- Speed of weel:
- Motor power: 1.1 kW

Net weight:

- Machine without accessories: 380 à 425 kg