Surface grinding - P400


This machine, with three versions, provides excellent possibilities for grinding precision surfaces and profiles of medium batch production. The simplicity of its conception, the robustness of its construction and the softness of the shifting elements provide quality surface finish and excellent dimensional and shape precision. Its easy handling and ergonomy make this grinder pleasant for daily use.
Model PM400
• Manual longitudinal and transverse movements with positive lock.
• Vertical feed by hand, with rapid power positioning.
Model PLH400 as PM400 with the following additions :
• Automatic longitudinal movement with steplessly adjustable variable speed.
• Safety between manual and automatic movements.
Model PLTH400 as PLH400 with the following additions :
• Automatic transverse movement by motor with a variable speed.

- Longitudinal travel: 420 mm
- Transversal travel: 200 mm
- Vertical travel: 385 mm


- Distance between table top and spindle axis: 475 mm
- Table working area: 380 x 155 mm

Wheel holding spindle:

- Wheel standard dimensions: Ø200 x 20 x 32 mm
- Speed of weel:
- Motor power: 2.2 kW

Net weight:

- Machine without accessories: 720 à 1000 kg